On Screen Advertising

Advertise on the big screen at Dreamcatcher 10.

Mitchell Theatres offers on-screen slide advertising at reasonable rates. Everybody who comes to see a movie at Mitchell Theatres will see your slide before the movie starts.

Take advantage of this great advertising opportunity! We require a 3 month minimum for new slides. Slides are updated on a Month to Month basis only and are updated on the first week of each month.

You pay: $75 for slide design/placement* and $100 monthly.
*An additional $75 will apply each time your slide is updated or replaced.

Other details
All new ads and updated ad info must be submitted before the 20th of each month, to be included on the following month's advertising reel. Ad contracts submitted after the 20th of each month will not be able to be processed until the end of the following month. We do not offer video advertising, only still graphic ads.

If you plan to advertise, please fill out the Slide Advertising and ACH Form. Print and fill out both forms; email them to Theatre Management or bring them into the Theatre Office in person. We can only accept payment by ACH, as we no longer can process checks or any other payment methods for advertising fees.

Slide Advertising Form PDF


If you are looking to design your own slide, download our specs.

Slide Template & Size GuideJPG

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